The Stellar Method – Stellar Human’s Health and Fitness Cheat Sheet

What is health?

Do I need a coach?

Does eating healthy cost a lot of money?

Why do people get fat?

How do I get lean?

Why am I not losing weight? (common problems)


Why is nutrition so confusing?

What is a healthy diet?

What should I eat to lose fat?

What should I eat to gain muscle?


Training 101

What training program should I use?

How do I set up a home gym?

How do I train for strength?

How do I train mobility & flexibility?


Why you should cook your own meals

Cooking 101

How should I set up my kitchen for healthy eating?

How to buy meat

How to cook a steak

10 Stellar Human Recipes


What is mobility?

How to get flexible

How to solve for pain and stiffness


How to use psychology to help you reach your goals

Stoic Philosophy for Health and Fitness